Trying to get published?

I was trawling the Internet a few days ago, looking for advice on PR companies that might be able to help promote writers work.

I ended up reading a thread on Goodreads, which was quite interesting in itself.

However, one of the posters advised reading an article posted by a writer, giving advice on what to do now that the publishing world was going through a period of dramatic change.

Kris Writes is the website, and I ended up reading the article on promotions first off. It was really fascinating, and gave me a bit of a lift in terms of direction.

Its hard at the moment, the world of publishing, but I guess in many ways it is also exciting and different. Being able to publish your own work is fantastic, and very freeing.

Any budding authors, or indeed anyone who is already on that path, should take a look at the site, its hugely informative.

Cheers, Dave.