Re-writes – I finally get it!

I know I have said it twice before on here, but finally, and i mean it this time, I have finished Part Two of The Auslander series. It has been tough, my own fault though. I have been drawn onto other ideas. And it just isn’t a good idea to write more than one thing at a time. Because none of them get your full attention.

I did my re-write, then decided to go back to the beginning and do it again. And it was worth it, totally. And for me, it has given me more insight into the benefits of doing it properly. My editor, Irene, told me last year, “It is your opportunity to make your book even better.” I listened, but didn’t really take much notice. But in the last few weeks (I’m such a fast learner!) it really took hold.

It is your opportunity to make it better. If there are parts that you don’t like reading or re-writing, why on earth would anybody else want to read it? So cut, cut and cut again. I was obsessed with making the book as much value, by making it longer, as i could. But it’s much more important to make what is there as good as it can be. So, while it may not be a masterpiece, you can make it so much better by going over it just once more. Even when you think you can’t look at it any longer.

So it’s done. It is now with Irene for proof reading. Then hopefully, just one last pass to pick up any further comments she might have made. Then it gets uploaded to KDP. As I advised a few weeks ago, I got an old colleague of mine to design a cover. It looks great, and makes all the difference having someone with a design eye to do it for you.

So, fingers crossed, I will have the book available before Christmas. I have been under a fair amount of pressure from friends and family to publish, but it has to be right!

Hopefully, it will be. Dave.

Kindle Direct Publishing 2


its been a couple of months since i posted, but i have not been idle. I’ve been editing my second book (The first from a different series to The Auslander Series) The Golden Path, ready to send it off to some agents.

I’ve also been busy writing the second from The Auslander Series, as I’ve vowed to publish it in spring of next year. That’s coming along quite nicely now too.

On the subject of publishing, I have to say, after initial reservations about publishing with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, it is turning out to be the outstanding way of getting your book out there. Its not just KDP, its all the sites that allow you to publicize free periods when you have them. Without KDP and these sites, plus the Face-book pages dedicated to free books and Kindle lovers, it would be hard to make people aware your book even exists. I will, next week, post a link to a document that outlines which sites to approach re promoting your books free period, plus the Face-book pages that allow you to post when your book is free.

I'm a featured author at Freebooksy

FreeBooksy is just one of these sites. I was lucky enough to be one of their featured authors when my book was free last. This site, and many like it, are just amazing for getting your book out there, in front of the public.

As I’ve said before, it was slow starting when i first published, but as you go along, you pick up more and more little tips, tricks and free means of promoting. And promoting is everything. Its a snowball effect with writing. You self publish, you get a few sales. Then it probably drops off. Then you use free days, and you get quite a few downloads and your pretty elated. Then not much happens. Then you do a bit of research into how to increase sales, and you come across some interesting information.

Each little bit that you add, increases visibility, and increased visibility means only good things for you and your book. I had to explain to my Dad a few days ago, when he thought people were tight fisted for waiting until my book was free before buying it. That’s not what happens though. When you are listed at, I dunno, 100,000 in kindle paid list, how can anybody ever find your book, without wading through hundreds if not thousands of pages?

They download your book when its free, because they get notified when its free. If its good enough, it will feed out slowly from there. When you release your next book, you might then get a few thousand people who liked the first book enough to go buy the second. If your lucky, that will get you into one of the charts at a decent position. Then you stand a chance of people finding your book without having to make it free. Then they might even pick up the first book, and then your audience has the potential to grow.

If you’re not bored already, Ill be back next week with further posts!!

Ta ta, D.


Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

So, here’s the thing.

There are many who despise Amazon for its strangle hold on the world of books. I read an article last week, which i found really interesting and very accurate in terms of the benefits and pitfalls of putting all of your eggs in the one basket. But, and it is a big but, you have to be realistic about any outlet that gives you the ability to shift your book.

I said previously, that even if you give your first book away, for quite some time, it should pay you a dividend in the future. Giving it away gets your book in front of people, and getting your book in front of people gives you the chance of getting in front of more people. And that’s the difficult thing about all of this process, getting your work out there and having people know that it is out there.

Its the nature of books and writing I guess, that its incredibly difficult to get it out there. If your books sells 20 copies, it will not appear in any list anywhere, when people are searching for thrillers, or crime, or historical fiction for example. So for me, I knew that unless you were looking for me, or for a book titled The End, you would never find my work. Or you could trawl through hundreds and hundreds of pages of thrillers and you might, eventually stumble across it. And at the moment, that it is the situation, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people all vying for the readers attention, and with no formulaic way of doing so.

And that’s where KDP select comes in. As the article above states, it isn’t perfect, but it is improving all the time. And its not just the ability to self publish either, its the free promotions that make it so much better than its rivals for me. I recently did a free promotion on Smashwords, during which a reasonable amount of people (quite a few dozen) downloaded my book for free. And that’s great. But that was over the course of a month

I’ve just run a 2 day promotion with KDP, and shifted 10 times that amount. Ten times. And that was without it featuring on any websites tagging it in the promo.

Now i know what i have to do next time, i can’t wait to run the next promo. Its not about the money, its about the fact that now, a few thousand people have my book on their reading devices. And hopefully, they’re reading it and enjoying it. Thats really the best you can hope for. It was amazing watching my title climb the charts on Friday last week, at one point it was #17 in the free suspense book chart, and number #32 in the free thrillers chart. All this was down to the free promotion through KDP select.

Any mechanism that allows you to reach thousands of readers without spending any more money, in the book world, is pretty much priceless. The rest, is up to you and how good your product is.

Bye for now, Dave.