Book Two of The Auslander Series

At last,

I have finished part two of The Auslander Series. It feels as though this has taken forever, but I think that’s mainly because I wrote another book from a different series in between. Not a good idea.

So the painful process of publishing now begins. First, the edit. Then the re-write. Then more notes to absorb, and use to refine. Then another re-write. In between these various rounds, there is the cover design and interior layout. I’m getting Create Space, one of Amazon’s service arms, to do this. Its a one stop service, and takes around five to six weeks to complete.

Then, finally, the proof read. And it’s away we go. This time round, I’m going to try to enlist the help of those I know and cherish, to help me through the whole process. And maybe some strangers too. And I shall do this, via Kickstarter.

Kick-starter will allow me, I hope, to raise the finds required to publish the book to the best it can be. The costs for publishing, will come to something like £1000 – £1200, if not slightly more. This makes it as good as possible. Lots of people have asked me when will it be out, when can we get it? And the truth is, every time you publish, it costs a lot of money. So, if I can neutralize, or get close to neutralizing the costs, it makes it much easier to publish.

I’m not sure I can raise that much, but its definitely worth a try.

So, wish me well, and I’ll let you know how I get on in the future.

Thanks, Dave.