Lazey inK, is the Website for the Author, Dave Lacey. Here, you will find information about the books, new releases, reviews of other books and Dave’s Blog.

Any feedback, reviews, questions or comments would be most welcome. There will also be additional information around the books, biogs for character,¬†etc.¬†Information that won’t be contained within the books.


‘I was born in Liverpool in 1971.
I was a slow learner in terms of reading, and didn’t begin to read fiction of my own choice, until my Dad realised I was bored one day. He opened the door to my room, threw me a book (Wilbur Smith’s Rage), and I was hooked.
I had always invented my own little scenario’s in my head, games I would play alone, game’s that only I could see. My imagination has always been very vivid, and so when I discovered books, it was unleashed. I read everything Wilbur Smith wrote, and from them, began a fascination with Africa.
Since then, I have drifted from one author to another, but of late have settled into Jo Nesbo and Conn Iggulden, both of whom are fantastic writers.
I like to think that one day I might be included in the same bracket, who knows.
Until then, I will continue to write, another late developing habit of mine.
I started in January 2011, and by June 2011 had written my first novel, The End, which is available on Amazon. It is part one of a trilogy, with part two following middle of 2013.
I am also currently working on a separate series, aimed at the children’s market. I am hopeful of finding an agent for this piece of work, so watch this space!’

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