World War Z (sort of) review

Considering everything I’ve read over the past months about this film, I have to be honest and say, it really wasn’t that bad at all.

There were production issues, budget issues/out of control, it was this, it was that, the CGI was bad. In reality, I think perhaps a great deal of this negativity came from people who’d read the book, by Max Brooks, and loved it. Honestly, I struggled to get into the book. I get how it’s clever and a different take on things, but I still didn’t love it, or indeed like it. I much preferred Outpost by Adam Baker. Yes, it was traditional, yes it was about Zombies, but i enjoyed it, and the writing was excellent.

But, back to the matter at hand. I sat down to watch the film, and after around 3 minutes had to turn it off in order to eat my dinner first, as there was no time to do both. It began with action almost immediately, and it stayed that way for the next hour or so. There are those that say Brad Pitt is the same in everything, and that may be true, but I like Brad Pitt!

The middle of the film sees him flying around the globe in an effort to track down patient zero. It’s pretty gripping stuff, and the tension hardly lets up throughout the entire movie. My only negative, is that the ending could have been a bit more dramatic than it was. It sort of fizzled out ultimately. But, I would definitely give it a go.

It is pretty gripping, the action is sharp and a little terrifying and the scope is commendable. From what I recall of the book, it would have taken an eternity to make a film of it, so in the end, the film makers have done the only thing left open to them, make it as you see it.

They have, and I enjoyed it!


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