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for those of you not already familiar with him, Conn ┬áis a writer of mainly historical fiction. If you like historical fiction, then I can’t advise you strongly enough to go find and read his books.

I began ten years or so ago, when I kept seeing a book in WHSmiths, Emperor: The Gates of Rome. It had the tag line, ‘If you liked Gladiator, you’ll love this’. In my opinion, that was a heady claim, as I loved Gladiator. So each time I went in, I picked it up, and put it back. Then, finally, I picked it up and bravely bought it. Great decision on my behalf, even if I do say so myself. I was hooked immediately and have never looked back.

Like the dope that I am, it took me until the final pages to really work things out (If you’ve read it you’ll understand, if not I won’t spoil it for you!), and by then I was bitten. I read the following three books in the series as soon as they came out, and just couldn’t get enough. When the Emperor series was done, I was gutted, and had no idea what would come next. Then the Conqueror series arrived. I must admit, and my Dad felt the same, to feeling a little disappointed that it was a total change of direction. We wanted more from the Emperor series, but after reading around two or three pages, I very quickly changed tack.

The Conqueror series is fantastic. I’ve read a fair amount of Historical Fiction, but have to say Conn leaves it all in his wake. His writing style and prose, are so easy to read, that you’re hooked before you even know. I’ve just spent some time convincing my boss to give them a go, he is no fan o historical fiction. he has read the first three, and is waiting for the fourth to arrive. He is utterly ensnared.

And what a bonanza we have right now, the fifth in the Emperor series has just come out (which I demolished in a week, and will post a review for) , and it was just as good as the previous four. And, War of the Roses has also just come out, and I am most of the way through it, and am loving it also.


Please, if you have any interest in the genre, give Conn a go, you won’t regret it.



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