My 8 year old nephew trumps me!


after all the ours of effort, after nibbling away at fingernails, wondering if a book is ready to publish or not, my 8 year old nephew opens my eyes to how the creative process really works.

For homework, he had to write a poem about Egypt. Apparently, all of the other kids had to be coerced into writing something. Poetry not being high on the list of things to do for eight and nine year olds.

Jack though, is no ordinary boy. He just turned to his mother and rattled off the lines below, and that was his homework done. Now, I’m not likening him to Thomas or Kipling, but for an 8 year old, I think it’s quite impressive writing off the top of your head.

He is also the hero of my book series, The Auslander Series, which sort of makes it even worse. I mean, in the books he is a grown man and has been fictionalised, but then it turns out he writes better than I do.

Anyhow, let me know what you think.

Sphinx so high

High in the sky

Watching the days go by

Will I sadly see

Your lonely head

Watching the hours go by

This is called the life of a sphinx.

Speak soon, Dave.


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