Finally, I mean it this time!

I have had a couple of false dawns, but this time, it’s true. I have published the second book in The Auslander Series. It has taken much longer than I’d imagined. Much longer But now, it’s done. And as previously stated, I have learned my lessons in terms of re-writes. Use them wisely!

In fact, it has been my haste to get the books out there, that have hindered my re-writes I think. I wanted them out there as soon as possible. And so, having to sit down and re-write them has irritated me. So lesson learned here then. Take your time, get a bit of distance from the book, do something else. Then come back to it, and work very hard at making it better. If there are parts you don’t like reading, why would anybody else enjoy reading them. Cut them. Be brutal.

It’ll be worth it. If it’s good at full length, how much better will it be when you’ve cut out the bits you don’t like? So, here it is, my new baby. If you read it, I hope you enjoy it. if so, put up a review. If you don’t enjoy it, apologies, but still put up a review.

Buy it here

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