Re-writes – I finally get it!

I know I have said it twice before on here, but finally, and i mean it this time, I have finished Part Two of The Auslander series. It has been tough, my own fault though. I have been drawn onto other ideas. And it just isn’t a good idea to write more than one thing at a time. Because none of them get your full attention.

I did my re-write, then decided to go back to the beginning and do it again. And it was worth it, totally. And for me, it has given me more insight into the benefits of doing it properly. My editor, Irene, told me last year, “It is your opportunity to make your book even better.” I listened, but didn’t really take much notice. But in the last few weeks (I’m such a fast learner!) it really took hold.

It is your opportunity to make it better. If there are parts that you don’t like reading or re-writing, why on earth would anybody else want to read it? So cut, cut and cut again. I was obsessed with making the book as much value, by making it longer, as i could. But it’s much more important to make what is there as good as it can be. So, while it may not be a masterpiece, you can make it so much better by going over it just once more. Even when you think you can’t look at it any longer.

So it’s done. It is now with Irene for proof reading. Then hopefully, just one last pass to pick up any further comments she might have made. Then it gets uploaded to KDP. As I advised a few weeks ago, I got an old colleague of mine to design a cover. It looks great, and makes all the difference having someone with a design eye to do it for you.

So, fingers crossed, I will have the book available before Christmas. I have been under a fair amount of pressure from friends and family to publish, but it has to be right!

Hopefully, it will be. Dave.

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