It’s been a while. Funny year. And it’s even funnier how much can change in your life that time too.

Got made redundant about this time last year, really felt gutted. But, I was lucky enough to get another job. It was still tough though, they were my guys (in my last role) and I felt like I was ripped away from them if I’m honest. still, none of them seemed that bothered, which made it easier in the long term!

So I never wrote, for quite some time. Just never felt the desire. Not sure about you guys, but I find it very hard to write when I’m stressed? But, changing jobs brought about a fair bit if change. I decided to actually go back to school. So, I applied to do a masters in screenwriting. Got in. But oh, was it tough. Learning, I’d forgotten what it was like.

But it has worked out for the best. I have written almost none stop since starting. a % minute short with no dialogue, a 10 minute short with dialogue, a 30 minute short, a 50 minute feature and I’ve just finished a 160 page feature. I think, or hope, that my writing is better for it.

I have resolved to get back to writing books too, but again, feel like I have a very full plate at the moment. I’m mulling over ways to approach the new books. I’d really like to get readers involved, I’d like to ask them what I should write next. I guess I just need some readers so I can get started.

But, how have you been? What’s new with you?